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"Power Your Home With The Sun"

Go Solar for $0 Upfront Cost

We help homeowners like you achieve your self-energy goals by partnering with you to deliver tailor-made solar designs. We’ve supported numerous clients and we’re confident we’re the right solar company for you.

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Start Saving

Save money, your time, your sanity, energy, fossil fuels, earth and much more...

Going solar is more practical, reliable and cost effective than ever. If you're experiencing high electricity bill, you could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your solar panels. 

Electricity is a powerful thing. In order to use its benefits, it is necessary that the amount of electricity in the grid aligns with actual consumption needs. Due to the ever-increasing demand and growth in popularity of such advances as electric vehicles, there are several challenges power grid operators need to face.

  • The grid is outdated.

  • Power outages keep happening.

  • Power bills continue to climb up.

  • You’re losing money, time and your sanity every month.

Texas solar incentives, tax credits & rebates

  • Federal Tax Credit: While not specific to Texas, the federal government offers a solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This credit allows homeowners to deduct a percentage of their solar installation costs from their federal taxes. 


  • Property Tax Exemption: In Texas, the value added to a home by a solar energy system is exempt from property taxes. This means that homeowners won't see an increase in property taxes due to the installation of solar panels.

  • Net Metering: Many utility companies in Texas offer net metering programs. With net metering, any excess electricity generated by your solar panels can be fed back into the grid, and you receive credits on your electricity bill for the surplus energy.


  • Performance-Based Incentives: Some utilities or state programs may offer performance-based incentives, where you receive payments based on the actual performance of your solar panels over time.


  • Rebates and Grants: At times, there may be rebates or grants available through state or local programs to help offset the upfront costs of installing solar panels.


  • Solar Rights Law: Texas has a Solar Rights Law in place, which helps protect your right to install solar panels on your property. This law prevents Homeowners Associations (HOAs) from prohibiting solar installations.

Solar Panels

Reasons To Choose Us

Fast Install

Our dedicated team of PV designers and project managers partners will work collaboratively with our installation partners to get your solar system installed quickly and safely. We will insure all paperwork and final design layouts are submitted to the utility and city the right way.


All our solar plans come with a 25 year warranty on the equipment (panels and inverters) as well 25 year workmanship warranty. Battery storage comes with a 10-12 year warranty.

Energy Stability

With solar, you can accurately forecast the cost of your energy use for more than 25 years. Predictable energy rates mean a more predictable budget. Furthermore, taking advantage of the 30% tax credit makes the initial investment more affordable.


All our installation partners are licensed, insured and bonded by the appropriate party on a city and state level. 


We are committed to providing excellent customer support and satisfaction for all our solar customers and partners. You will be assigned a consultant from day one to guide and update you through your solar journey.



We actively support and value military veterans. We recognize the skills, discipline, and leadership that veterans bring to the community. In return we provide incentives for going solar through us.

Premium Products

Ensuring the use of high-quality solar equipment is crucial for the success and longevity of a solar energy system. Some of the manufacturing brands we use but not limited to are Q-cell, Silfab, REC, Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge and Enphase.

10+ Yr Experience

Our dedicated team of solar consultants have been employed in the solar industry for over 10 years. Together we posses a wide range of knowledge to help you go solar the appropriate way.

8 Steps Solar Journey


1) Review PV Design

Initial process starts with meeting our energy consultant to review your electricity needs and build a solar design accordingly. We will take into consideration your utility company solar buyback programs and financial goals.


2) Site Survey Visit

Upon finalizing your customized solar design, a site survey will be scheduled with our technicians. They will inspect your roof condition, take measurements of the different arrays and inspect your electrical panel. We will ensure your home is in the right condition to install a solar system.


3) Project Team

Once the site survey has been completed, our project coordinators will step in to keep you updated on the status of your project as well collaborate with the design team to ensure engineering and permitting plans are aligned together. 


4) Finalize Design

Before submitting for permitting, our design team finalizes your PV design based on design preferences, electrical needs, utility policies and city/county guidelines. They will create a CAD design and review it with the engineering team to ensure accuracy and safety for installaltion.


5) Permitting

Our operations team will begin the process of obtaining the necessary approvals and permissions to install a solar energy system. This typically involves various local, state, and sometimes federal regulations and requirements. The process can take anywhere from 10-30 days depending on the area of residence.


6) Installation Day

The day of solar installation is an exciting and significant milestone in the process of adopting solar energy for your home or business. Depending on the system size and components included with the system, the length of the install will vary however it usually takes between 1-2 days for most properties.


7) Utility Inspection

Following the install, an inspection by the utility company will be scheduled and sometimes with the city. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the install has been completed with safety and per guidelines.


8) PTO

The "Permission to Operate" for a solar energy system refers to the approval or authorization from relevant authorities or entities to start generating and delivering power to the electrical grid or for on-site consumption. This permission is typically granted after the solar installation is completed, and all necessary inspections and paperwork have been successfully completed. 

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