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My Solar Options?

We offer a wide range of solar options for your home using American made equipment. Anywhere from a roof mount solar system to a ground mount system, a battery backup or even adding additional panels to an existing system, our solar solutionists and installation partners will help you get started the right way.

Solar Panel Home
Solar Energy

FREE In Home Solar Consultation

Receive a customized solar design for your home

Schedule a FREE appointment with our solar consultants who will review your energy usage, answer your questions, and calculate how much you’ll save by going solar. Our solar consultants will help you qualify for a $0 upfront solar system and show you how the Federal and Local Solar Tax incentives can reduce your cost. Our solutionists will provide you with a unique system that gives you the most cost-efficient energy possible.

Battery Add-On Consultation

Back up your home in case of power outages

A solar battery is a device that stores electricity for later use, so you can keep appliances running during a power outage, use more of the solar energy you produce at your home, and even save money on electricity in some cases. Depending on what you want to use your energy storage system for and the characteristics of your household appliances, the number of batteries you'll need can vary widely. Schedule a FREE consultation today to review your battery add-on options.

Ground Mount Solar System

Utilize Land Space and produce more energy

If you have a large piece of land that is not covered by shadows, ground-mounted solar panels may be a great option. With ground installation, you are capable of installing solar panels with the ideal tilt and orientation for maximum sunlight exposure. Ground-mounted solar panels work best in areas that are not shaded by obstacles such as buildings, walls or trees. Since there is no need to work on a rooftop, Ground-mounted solar panels are safer to install and their maintenance is minimal.

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